Saturday, April 28, 2012

booger sugar.

life is good here in San Diego. gorgeous day after day. I can't wait for Dean and Lee to get into town and show them whats rad! were gonna get some good shreddin in and hopefully clock a bunch of clippies for the bonedeth video. Aside from that I've been living on my bud hoangs couch for a while working on his motorcycles with him and learning how to ride a little bit too. Kickin ass everyday. Also check out the little bonus travelogue from hoangs albion interview that benson did for issue five (where I stole the footplant photo from) thanks benson!!  the most badass, barefoot, beer drinkin, english dude I've met so far. Probably one of the most fun road trips of my life. Check it out at stay saucy.

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