Friday, April 27, 2012

Diamonds Injury List: Also see post below this post for "JAY WILSON DIG NEWS"

hey all some team updates here:

Fisrt off Lee Hopkins is about to head out to San Diego to meet up with Dirt Ron and team Film guru Dean Dickinson to start in on filming for the next bone deth dvd who's name i will not tell any time soon but trust me its a good one .

Chris Crawford rolled his ankel but is already back to shredding

Jay wilson if you look at the post below this, is featured yet again in the next issue of dig

and trust me its worth checking out, if you didn't get the last issue he had a low profile in there that was out of site!!!

Sean Burns BMX professional face man and all around bone deth dad is still in china doing that thing you do or some kind of china karaoke thing, i hear its huge over there just ask our engineer GL

and lastly

Shajn Raines tore his meniscus complexly, hahah or has a complex tear that may need surgery still waiting on a specialist in the next week or so for the results, no word on heal time but hopefully he'll be back on his bike riding at full capacity by mid summer.

stay tuned for more team up dates

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