Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Hello

So heres some stuff!!!
 -Kert Petersel has a interview over on Kai Kuusisto Photography site  Thie interview was featured in A.R.T. Magazine. The interview talks about what Kert has been up to this past year, people he rides with and bike set up. Its pretty rad check it out!!!

-Shane Bruns / Shawn Bruins / Sean Burns just got home from China yesteday where he was on a two week trip with ECLAT. I havent been home, so i havent talked to dad about his trip yet, however you can click the link and go over to the Eclat site and check there trip updates. (photo from the Eclat site).

-The burning rubber, Chris Crwford turned 26 years of age yesterday. We celebrated here in Boston with a a bunch of our crew. Tom Molyneux, of Banned, came up to celebrate with Crawford and get some clips for the ROTTEN VIDEO. Crawford is also finishing up his grip edit and will be out soon...
-Speaking of grips.... The Burning rubbers contest is almost up. Watch the video below and enter to win three pairs of Burning Rubber grips.

-Colt Fake recently bought and moved into his own house in Florida. Colts moved all the ramps from the former Casselbery Trails into his back yard. Im working on a interview with Colt in the future so check back for that.

-Albie Bennett is....Albie Bennett. Ripping in Baltimore.

-Lee Hopkins is the man....check out the OrangeLine Project. Check out the 90EAST video when its available. Lee's pat is rad as hell.
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