Wednesday, September 19, 2012

VEGAS bound!!

sup duders! I'm about to cruise out to vegas for interbike to party with all the buds and see all the new rad new bmx gear. I got a pile of fresh BONEDETH goodies in the mail that I'm super phsyced on to wear while I'm out there. The new hat and all the shirts are super dialed!! get some if you wanna be steezy. Also got some of the new grips to hold on to ma shit and some pegs for grindin. I usually don't run pegs but maybe i'll put em on and do some party tooths.

Dean Dickinson also had his pool book premiere for "YOU WON'T" out in Anaheim at the BICYCLE SOURCE bike shop/bmx museum. Steve and Monica who run and own the place were so kind to let dean premiere it there and party with us. They have some awesome ramps in the back that everyone shredded and lots of cool bmx memorabilia hangin all over the place. Motomags, sidehacks, freestylin mags, the works. They also have and sell newer items if you want to spice up your shred sled. Definately stop by if your ever in the area and ride the ramps and check out all the cool stuff they have at BICYCLE SOURCE.

downhill speedblasters.

Deluxe bolt on sidehack with motomags.


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