Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ROTTEN trailer.... Lee Hopkin injury.......Party Management photo

Here's some shit for your scoopers!
Burns and Ferbert just left for this years INTERBIKE, to showcase the new Bone Deth goodies for the year. You can catch all the Bone Deth stuff at the Sparky's Distribution booth. Along with that, Chris Crawford's ROTTEN video trailer will also premiere at the Sparky's booth. Here's the info....
"rotten trailer premier
thursday at 3pm

full sections from

shajn raines 
jay wilson
andrew mick/ryan lamont
sean burns /albie bennett
chris crawford 
tom molyneux
eric holladay
erick carment
kert pertersel and more..."

Lee Hopkins went down the other day filming for his up coming peg edit. Lee tore his quadrilateral and will be getting surgery soon. Bummer. Get well you jerk!

Last weekend, I had the chance to venture out of the city and ride this full pipe in the middle of nowhere. I linked up with Tony Long of Tables and Fables and Mauls Bike Shop and a few of the T&F crew to ride this bad boy! Thanks dudes! Im pumped on the photo!

Here again is the Bone Deth "Our House" edit from the Both Deth U.K. Trip. Thanks Seventies Distribution!!!!

Cheers!!  -party management

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