Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lagging with Jay Wilson.

So, I dont think we've done this before (or maybe I'm wrong), but every month or so I'm going to give you guys out there a little look into the lives of our riders. Just a couple of questions , seeing what they are up too. First up is one of my best friends Jay Wilson. Jay rides for Bone Deth through Triple6 distribution in Australia and is the youngest dude on the roster. This dude is like my little brother and I cant wait til he gets back. So read up on this couch cat, here are some questions with Jay. Photos taken by Jamie Mauri, can see more his stuff on his blog Sewerside.
-Party Management

- So Jay, What have you been up too? How its back in Australia? been working in a giant fridge pushing milk around, i am deffaintly very aware im in australia, everyday

- You've spent some time over here in Boston, and even in Montreal, what do you like about over here compared to Perth?i guess the way the citys are built different theres more to ride, in riding distance, or maybe there isnt it just isnt perth and there some sickcunts there
- Tell me about the old Alex house. Any good Alex stories?small mansion with the backyard being a forrest, that runs on milkcrates and mattress's, one time a small kitten accidently got ejaclated'
- Being a younger dude, what were your influences growing up and who are some of you current favorites?steven hamilton, josh stricker, derek nelson, jimmy levan, hoffman, chad harrington, cookie, rickey bates, colt fake, mike vockonson, ryan howard i could just keep typin'
- Are you filming for anything? ROTTEN DVD, which be amazing dvd of bike pilots and tunes
- You recently got hooked up by The Shadow Conspiracy, how did that happen and how is it?its a conspricary maaaaan so i cant really say, but its the tops

- What / Who makes you sick?anything reflective

-Any plans for the future? trips?boston/ montreal again, queensland

Jay Wilson Bone Deth Edit from samgreen on Vimeo.

Jay Wilson - Welcome to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

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