Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm more than phsyced to be shreddin bonerdeth! thanks again so much again burns and ferbert!! I figured I get ma first post in and let anyone who cares know what I've been up too. been shreddin on the daily with my buds. Partied a lil too hard the other weekend and got a gnarly cellilitis infection in my arm. I had to go in for four days and get antibiotics dripped into me through an IV and take pills that make me all itchy and drunk feeling. Just recovered from that. So lesson to be learned, don't walk home from the bar several miles when you can barely walk a few feet and dont fall into a homeless heroin addicts sleeping bag elbow first with an open wound.
I stole this pic from nunos blogger but I'll try n get some fresh ones soon. lets get BONEDETH rowdy in 2012!


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