Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Party and Some Bullshit

Let's shoot the shit for a second...
Albie Bennett came up from Baltimore for the Holidays a couple of weeks ago to visit his family, and a lot of the Bone Deth crew here in Boston. Even though it's still in the 40's and 50's for the most part, it was pretty cold while he was here, so more partying happened then pedaling did.
Sean Burns left for California on Sunday for an Eclat trip. He'll be joining the rest of the Eclat team to start on some projects. After the trip, he'll be staying in California for a month...With that said, Burns won't be alone. Kert Petersel will be meeting Burns there next week, after his month long stay in Florida with Colt Fake.
Chris Crawford, Ferbert, Lee Hopkins and myself have been keeping busy while we still can here in Boston. Crawford is just getting over a hand injury and Ferbert a ankle biter. Ferbert has also been working real hard on new product designs in the future. Lee has been working on a new Bone Deth edit and finishing up his up coming 90EAST part. So keep an eye out for both those in the future.
In company news, we just picked up a new Holland distro, S C Distribution. So far so good! We've been talking to them a lot lately and we are proud to add them to the great list of distro's that we have around the world. Bone Deth is also looking for a new photographer. Think you fit? Email us at bonedethdeadman@yahoo.com or hit us up on our facebook page .
Here's a couple of random photos, Albie Bennett ripping the couch, Crawford with his chick, a weird photo of my girl and a couple of photos of yours truely in a cab and preforming surgery. BYEEEE-Party Management

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