Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FArm hammer

smashing bottles ,Man its super sunny here like hot hot hawt,lots of hot .riding like almost everyday,startng to paint and save my inking creations for Bone Deth baddies,so be sure to check up on this throw up for paintings in the works etc.Inkin bmx buds from Aussie and Christchurch and just eating mexican food and sipping fine mexi beers
ride on from the crypt to beyond

okie heres some art inspired by betty boop era cartons and felix the cat ,errie in there own way cutsey but they would cut off yur hea dlike itchy and scratchy ,i love cartoons.heres also Aura noir Norwegian blackmetal thrash awsome to ride to,i love this shit so much.Pic by Asher,cheers man

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