Saturday, December 15, 2012

dog treats

Albie Bennett's bike was recently stolen in Bladimow... BALTIMORE. So we  just put together a new ride for him.. the first BASTARD frame build. All thanks to mauls bike shop for lacing this one together. Speaking of Mauls, at the moment they have a 21" rat grey creepozoid on sale for $199 with my signature. Thats $130 off the original price you freaks. email me personally for a paypal purchase. or if your in the area just give them a call 781-293-3665 or down right go in and buy the damn thing. English dog boner owner and cat squeezie... Waffle, also had his bike removed from his ownership recently. But Seventies hooked it up and he has a new ride. I will post a bike check with Wobble Toad in a few days. New boobs are coming soon, your milk bottles are probably empty but no sweat, milking tits in no time
- burns

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