Sunday, December 2, 2012



        I'm really pumped to announce that we teamed up with DAN'S COMP to put together this GIVE AWAY PRIZE PACK shown above in the flyer. One of our long time good friends NICK ALLEN is a rad air brush and custom frame painter/ artist out of Seattle, Washington and he went to town on the give away package which includes custom painted frame, forks, bars, and comes with grips, sprocket, seat, and sticker pack. All decals and most of the detail work were hand painted by Nick. Nick we at BONE DETH AND DAN'S COMP can not thank you enough for the crazy hard work you put into this, and  I'm sure one lucky person will be thanking you too, THANK YOU! So enough said, to learn more details click on the flyer above to see exactly what your getting product wise and follow the link below over to DAN'S COMP to enter contest start this afternoon! So tell your friends family etc.. and go over to DAN'S COMP WEBSITE to enter now, remember contest start this afternoon. Good luck to all that enter check back here and at our Bone Deth FACEBOOK  and our instagram @bone_deth for up dates through out the week. Thanks and good luck!

shajn raines

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