Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chris Crawford Signature Grips!! Buy them Now!

          Whats going on guys, our your hands feeling the torture of your current grips? Or you feeling that your not in complete controle of your bike when riding? Well I have the solution for you, Chris Crawford Signature Burning Rubber, thin but not to thin, durable but soft and comfortable giving you complete controle of your ride on gaps, manuels. and yes 180 or 360's. This is the grip that fits any hands, comes in green slim and black marble, the classic black, and transparent gum, there will be a new color way dropping next year. You can find them at Empire, Dan's, Albe's, and all Bone Deth Distributors world wide as well as any bike shops carrying Bone Deth products. Go over to our FaceBook and comment or like under the photo featured above, give ideas for future color ways to help Crawford pick the next one for all you guys out there, if facebook isn't an option hit us up on the bone gram bone_deth. thanks and cant wait to hear your color way ideas.

-Shajn Raines

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