Monday, October 15, 2012

New England Jam Chowda

Sean Burns and Mike Brennan (photo Tony Long)

Let's get ready to rumbleeeeee (photo Tony Long)

Rumble Pit Table (Photo Tony Long)

Jay Wilson x-up can can (photo Tony Long)

Yesterday was the first annual New England Jam Chowda Jam. Over 600 people showed up from all over New England and more to ride the do it yourself style jam. Sean Burns, Shajn "Ferbert" Raines, Jay Wilson, Chris Crawford and myself represented Bone Deth. All the crews and shops that were at the jam built there own ramp/jumps and conributed to the street course....we brought a rumble pit. The infamous Bone Deth rumble pit was made up of trash, pallets, sticks, rocks, dirt and puke. Riders had to monster truck through the long drag strip of shit and hit the kicker at the end. Best trick wins. People were getting killed on it. Here are some photos of the jam taken by Tony Long at TABLES AND FABLES  go to his site to see more. Im sure we will see more coverage of the event....but heres some to fill up on for now.
-party management

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