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Albie Bennett Interview

current photo stolen form Cullen Nicholl insta-gram
Albie Bennett..... Ive known Alblie for close to 7 years now, and everytime i see him, he looks differant. He's been on Bone Deth since the begining and has been one of, if not the biggest, contributors to the Boston riding scene. Albie was born and raised in the city and has done some of the gnarliest shit the town has to offer. Albie's parts in Metal Bikes's "Dead Bang", Bone Deth's "Surfin for the Ugly Broads" and his most memorable Matt Busby's "Off the Map 2" are fast, heavy and rock and roll as fuck and give a real definition not to just Bone Deth riding, but Bone Deth as a brand. I asked Ablie a few questions recently to give all of you an idea of what Ablie has been up to....
-party management

--Name, Age, Sex, Location
Albie Bennett. I'm 24. Sex...Yes Please. Living in Baltimore at the moment.
--Favorite bone deth product?
The Deadman Bars are sick!
--Ohhhh Albie, what have you been up too?
Workin, Ridin, Partyin, Playin music...you know, all that good stuff...except for the workin bit
-- You moved to Baltimore a few years ago for school, youve since graduated.... why are you still down there?
Like it says on every city bench...Baltimore The Greatest City in the World. Honestly though the riding spots down here are virtually untapped and most of them are dream set ups, so needless to say I have some unfinished business to attend to. Also you can pretty much do whatever you want in this city without getting harassed by the fuzz, which is a huge upside. There are also tons of beautiful women and tons of weirdos roaming the streets on a daily basis and that never gets old.
--Whats your favorite riding story from Baltimore?
My and a few friends(Travis, Sparky, and Ryan) were fixing up this ditch spot that was right next to the property of and auto body shop. It was midday and we were chopping down some branches with a hack saw and a power saw. Needless to say we were being kinda loud. All of the sudden we hear something very similar to gun shots so we look up and there is a Mexican guy standing at the top of the ditch on the auto shop side holding a smoking cap gun in the air. We go back and forth arguing but neither parties really understanding one another. I think that they thought we were stealing cadillac converters even though we were in a ditch sawing tree limbs down. There is more arguing as we walk back to the car and when we get back more Mexicans show up to argue with. At this point everyone is yelling obscenities at each other. We decide that it's not worth it to stay so we get in the car to go fix up another spot which happens to be an abandoned fort. We drive up the road ad pull over at a gas station to figure out how we wanna go when a car full of the Mexican dudes from the auto shop pulls up behind us. We immediately get out of there and start heading towards the fort. The car full of pissed of Mexicans follows right behind us. We run a few red lights but they soon catch up and are back on our tail. At this point we start to get nervous because Ryan was talking about how a lot of people get murdered at that fort every year because it's in a very secluded location. We've bee driving for a good 15 minutes on highway road and were actually getting close to our destination, and at this point we were convinced they had a gun or some sort of weapon so we speed up and take the exit ramp which has a sharp turn. We hit the turn and floor it until we get the the fort. We finally lost the Mexicans on the last few turns and ended up riding the shit out of the abandoned fort until the sun was setting, and then we headed home.
Wallride. photo Cullen Nicholl

--Whats your favorite non-riding story from Baltimore? Setting off a fart bomb in the middle of a dance floor at a huge party, slithering my way out just in time for it to pop, and then watching everyone in the building evacuate because it smelled so putrid
--Ever moving back to Boston?
Yes. Within a year I'd like to move back up...I know I say that every year but I really mean in this time. I just don't want to leave the band behind. It's too much fun playing with those dudes.
--You probably should...
Oh I will buddy...I will
--Are you ever going to ride pegs?
I actually just put some on the other week for the first time in 9 years and have already been slaying some rails. I really forgot how fun they are, and love the sound of destruction they make when grinding a rough ledge.
--Youre a rock n roll hawt bod...tell us a little about your band.
Were called The Hard Dads. Its a three piece dirty rock'n'roll band and we draw inspiration from all sorts of music. The members are me on drums, Ryan Lamont on guitar and vocals, and Michel Weissman on guitar and lead vocals. It started with just me and Michel, but after riding with Ryan a bunch and finding out he played guitar, it was an automatic decision to have him play with us. We've been a band for about 5 years now. Lately we've been playing a bunch of shows around Baltimore and I'm psyched for October 2nd when we get to open for Bob Log III.
--Where can we listen to it? We have six songs recorded and you can find them at www.harddads.bandcamp.com. They're free to download if you like the shit.
--You are having a part in Chris Crawfords "Rotten" video.. whats up with it? Ive seen the clips and your a fucking nut job.....
Thanks man. Me and Burns are splitting a part for it and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. We've been filming for a year and a half, but there are definitely a couple clips that were resurrected from the archives that date back five years, and honestly, i don't care because I think they still hold up to today's riding standards, and one of the spots doesn't exist anymore, so its kind of nostalgic.
--Everytime you crash at the Bone Yard, my snacks are gone when i wake up.......do you have any preference for snacks so i can help you out in the future?
We'll the last snack i swindled from you was some sort of meat popsicle, so whatever that was, get more of em.
--If you had to eat either Burns's ass or Ferberts ass or my ass..whose would you eat and why?
All I know is that it would have to be between Burns and Ferbert's asses because your ass has to be absolutely filthy judging by your constant wet farts which smell like something died inside you.
-- Favorite Bone Yard story?
Oooh thats a toughie. There have been too many ridiculous moments at the Bone Yard to narrow it down, but pretty much everything that has gone on in that basement is amazing. My favorite instance I don't think I'm even allowed to mention.
--Anything new new coming up? trips?
Ferbert was talking about sending me out to San Diego in September to ride and film with Dirt Ron and Dean Burrito Dickenson for the new Bone Deth film, so that should be exciting.
--Last words?
Milk Gives You Serious Breast Cancer

Albie and Febert

Albie Bennett - 'Surfin for the Ugly Broads' from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.
Albie Bennett in "Off The Map 2" from Matt Busby on Vimeo.

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