Friday, August 3, 2012

D-ron web edit DUMP..

Sometimes you just gotta take a DUMP. I had a few random edits that may have slipped by ya and a few that slipped by me so I'm throwing them up on here for those who can't get enough of our web edit garbage!!

You gotta go to the epsn site for dis one so click the link if you so desire. SPACE is a little project between Tom Perry, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and myself. Expect to see some random SPACE propaganda again!

Heres another crookedworld session out in riverside with a bunch of the macniel duders but I have some random clips spread throughout. Some deece tranny shreddin all around. Got posted a while ago but I never even noticed so here it is again for anyone like me who doesn't pay attention.

And one of my favorites..

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