Friday, July 27, 2012

Some New Shirts for Back to School !!!

We got a package delivered to the house the other day with the teams shipment of the new Bone Deth t shirts. In my opinion they are the best ones we have came up with. Ferbert, Burns and Alex designed most of the t shirts with help from the rest of the dudes. I took some pictures with my phone for you guys to check out. You can pick up the shirts from any of you local bmx shops, mail orders that carry Bone Deth stuff. Or go to our distro Sparky's Distribtuion, they are the best!!
-party managment
This is the "Creepazoid" designed by Burns. Its also the main font on the sticker of his "Creepazoid" Frame.

The "Killed by Bone Deth" shirt was created by artest/ tattoo artist/ New Zeland bmxer Ant Scarer. Scarer is the best, and has created a lot of our artwork in the past.

TThe "Leisure Dead" shirt was designed by Alex Liiv. This is on the head tube of the second version of his frame. It comes in black or white.

This is my signature "Party Management" t shirt. We talked about designing a Bone Deth shirt like an old rock and roll album cover, so we based it upon there "Baby Baby" t shirt.

                                                 Bone Deth thermal to keep your bod warm.

This shirt has the"Thumbs" on the front, "Dead Man Team" on the back.

The white version of the previous Bone Deth logo.

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