Friday, July 6, 2012

More Hawtness from Burns and ECLAT

-So I posted the video from ECLAT's "The Free & Sleazy tour: Part II. Shanghai, China" trip the other day featuring co-head honcho,  Sean Burns. The video is rad as fuck and you get the chance to watch most of the ECLAT team kick some serious butt. But what I didnt realize was that they have a whole microsite to go along with there trip and video. It has all the behind the scene stories, info and photos of the trip. Its pretty rad! Click the link and go check it out!
-Ive been slackin on the "Weekdays with Management" photos lately. Sorry! Dont worry i have a couple of cameras to develop...
-A lot of new products on the way and interviews on the site...expect to see one soon of a dude on the team that is seen less then bigfoot.
- Instagram seems to be the new cool thing to do. If you got one, and want more Bone Deth shits in your life, you can follow most of the team on there. Get stalkin!

-party management

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