Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hola mi amigos! I went and rode a local contest the other day and had me a blast! Theres a new indoor skatepark close to where I hang out a lot and the wood pushers who run the place are pretty rad. Indoor parks are pretty rare in southern california but on the rare occasion that it rains here we have someplace to shred. They also had a live broadcast you can check out on if you wanna watch me flop around.

                                          Tabes for the babes..

I pulled the fakie sharknosepick after the contest but
unfortunately it doesn't count after the buzzer hahaa.
Not too worth mentioning but I did get last place.
New school trickery is still beating tabes and crashing
in the contest arena. The youngins wrecked shit! If
you're ever in the area of Vista, CA check out AURAskatepark.

and heres some shreddin tunes to boot. Yourwelcome. - DIRT face

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