Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ferbert down...but not out!!!!

Bone Deth co-operator Shajn "Ferbert" Raines , went down so fucking hard the other day trying a pedal to the metal nose wheelie. Shit was fucking insane. Battered up from head to toe, ferbert will be out for a bit, but will contiue to do the thing he does, which is work hard at all the new Bone Deth shits in the future. Stay tuned for the clip in the "Rotten" video due out in the fall....i think.
Which reminds me, that Crawford, Burns and a couple other dudes will be going on a "ROTTEN" trip around the northeast at the end of the week to film for the video.
if you missed Chris Crawfords "Burning Rubbers" grip edit, check it out in the post below!!
Get Well Ferberto!!
-party management

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