Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lee Hopkins, Dirt Ron, Dean Dickenson in S.D. / Jay Wilson photo in Dig

-Last week we sent Lee Hopkins over to San Diego to begin filming for the next Bone Deth video. Lee had never been to the west coast, so we packed his ass up and sent him flying. He met up with S.D. Bone Deth ripper Dirt Ron and pool shark Dean Dickenson.  Dean is filming the next Bone Deth video and we couldnt be more happier.
-Jay Wilson had a photo in this months issue of DIG Magazine doing a wild double peg in its "FAST AND LOOSE" section..... this guy is a wild one.
- Got some Bone Deth fan set ups and another "Weekdays with Management" in the next couple of days. Stay boobed.
-party management

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