Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some March Bullshit

Starting to warm up again around Boston. Riding, filming and partying to be done. Kert Petersel left for his homeland Estonia on Saturday. Kert got a lot of riding, lag and traveling done while he was here and we cant wait to see him again. Check out his edit that went up yesterday for the "Spiderweb Leather Vibrator" seat.
If you are around the Boston area this weekend, cruise on down to Somerville to the new 90EAST video "Sounds of the City" premeir at the 90EAST shop. All the 90East dudes have parts including Bone Deth's Lee Hopkins. Video should be awesome. In other event news, this years Dick Maul's Bike Shop's "Mauls Brawl" Contest is right around the corner on April 1st at Taunton's "Skaters Edge" skatepark. Your's truely will be one of the judges for the 3rd year in a row. Shit's always a goodtime. Maul's Bike Shop is truely the best.
-Party Management

Kert Petersel - Vibrator Seat from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

90East DVD 2010 from 90East on Vimeo.

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