Monday, March 19, 2012

Here's your Monday news feed.

-Crazy St. Patricks Day weekend we just had in Boston this past weekend. Fighting, arrests, partying and Gary's and Cheryls lining the streets. Some pictures from that next week.

-Waff Ill celebrated his birthday over this weekend over in the U.K. With that being said, he also set up a brand new Colt45 frame with all Bone Deth goodies. Go over to the Seventies site (our UK distro) to check that out and watch his Bone Deth edit from a few months ago below.

Another video you should check out is "How to Can Can Nose Pick with Dirt Ron". Ron has been ripping the shit out of Bone Deth products lately and it rules. You can watch that one below to.

-I just uploaded a new throw away of some "WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT". Featuring some photos from last weeks 90EAST video premeire "Sound of the City", and a Irish man named Tony who loves Whitney Huston (R.I.P).

-In some team news, Chris Crawford just a got a job working in the hospital with myself. Lee Hopkins is still nursing that busted paw bust still managed to throw a nice stoop party yesterday for the St. Pattys day parade. Sean Burns is still in Turkey. Ferberts been holding down the company work and starving to film! A clip a day keeps the dr. away. Colt Fake is a proud new home owner. He just bought a house in Florida.

-Weather is pefect as of late here so filming has begun again. Expect a few edits in the future, even one from me....hopefully.

-Party Management

Waffle - Bone Deth English from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

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