Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dont forget about this years MAUL'S BRAWL

Just a reminder for all you starving bmxers out there, this years Dick Maul's Bike Shop's "MAUL'S BRAWL" indoor skatepark contest is on April 1st. No, this isnt some shitty April Fools joke, its the real deal! This year Bone Deth along with a bunch of other companys are donating a crap ton of stuff to the winners of the contest. There will be prizes for beginers, experts and pros and a product toss at the end . Check the flyer for more details of the event and check out this photo of a custon painted "Liiving Dead" frame that we will be giving away.. Painted by Nick Allen. Burns, Ferbert, Lee Hopkins, Chris Crawford and myself (im helping judge the event) will be there representing Bone Deth. So get on down to Taunton Massachusett's Skater Edge skatepark, April 1st for this years contest. No pain, no gain. Put out or get out.
-Party Management

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