Friday, February 24, 2012

random bits

As February makes its end.. the newest shipment of bone deth goods arrive everywhere. Japan and Australia already have the sweets. Next stop... the states...and the rest of the world. THe Colt45 frame hits shelves for the first time, along with the bottom feeder forks and chris crawford burning rubbers grips. Meanwhile the team has been getting in it.. filming for assorted projects. A lot of it will appear on dvd and the web. we like to fullfill both sides. Colt's bike was recently stolen but has a new one built up... photos soon. Kert has found the root. and falling off 2 story balconies trying to break into the bone yards neighbors launder land. Jay Wilson is working in a milk factory. kind of like the sparky's of milk... in australia. word is the new 90 east video is nearing its next dvd appearance. Ferbert is back from indonesia where he got his ankle healed using strange methods. keep an eye out for some new action.... photos: jamie mauri

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