Wednesday, February 15, 2012


At the beach is whale flubber mixed with sand and oil the coast is so fucked by dipshits in suits Nz is being pumped away to the masses sold overseas to people with evil ideas to own everything and everyone.Bone deth still scares some of the kids but the old ladies swoon to the gooey gestures of weird good.busting out new artwork im a cartoonist that gets layed,i guess i ate the right kind of cereal.all you boners rule.Thanks for all the coolness the family are crazy and i like the fun.I aint never a clown unless your around ,bring out the freash meat of the day and let me pound the sauce.Bike check ocomming soon,filming and being adick cuase its all bussiness baby!!!!!BONE DETH ITS LIKE A CARAMEL COD STICK STICK OF GOOEY GRIME MAKE THE BOUNCY CASTLE BOUNCE BOUNCE TO THE BOOGEY THE OOGEY BOOGEY THE BOOGEY BABY.


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