Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Joci Budai on Bone Deth/Hungary

Bone Deth would like to Welcome European shredDAD Joci Budai to the distro team being brought to you by our Hungarian Distribution Original-Gypsy. We got Joci on some bone deth steeze and i asked him a few questions- Burns

Name: Joci Budai

Age: 21

Sponsors: OG Bike Shop (distributor of Bone Deth in Hungary), Legend Lifestyle Clothing

Years riding: 6-7

What is the bmx scene like in Hungary?

The Hungarian BMX scene is small, almost everybody knows everybody, it's like a big group of friends. Everybody's cool so it's all good, the problem is that there are just a few good skateparks, and good street spots are hard to find too. So the scene is limited by these circumstances. But every rider tries to make the best out of it.

Influences in riding and life leisure?

Riding-wise my influences were a bunch of old Road Fools movies and some local riders that were on a crazy riding level compared to mine back then.

Metal's Dead Bang and the Banned movies have been big influences, too.

Riders I like are Josh Stricker, Steven Hamilton, and you were a big influence for me to ride bigger and scarier stuff. In life, I don't really know, my parents brought me up well I think, I always try to be cool with everybody, I think I'm a pretty friendly guy. So that's about it.

Music preference:

AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Motorhead,

Guns 'n Roses, Rolling Stones, Ronnie James Dio, Deep Purple,

Airbourne, Johnny Cash, and a bunch of Hungarian bands.

Good or weird plans for 2012?

There are some road trips planned for next year, hopefully everything works out great but nothing serious other than those yet. Try to ride as much as possible, and will do my best to avoid getting hurt.

Favorite Bone Deth product:

Deadman bars and Speedfreak sprocket, ohh it's two haha

photos by Andras Pentek

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