Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekdays with Management !!! : "This chick looks like Webster"

A lot of shit happened last weekend. First the Bone Yard got a whole shipment of the new Bone Deth goodies. Frames, bars, seats, pegs, sprockets, seat post all came in there new colors. The shit looks awesome. I put together a new Alex Liiv "Liiving Dead" frame. I'll have a bike check soon, if you actually give a crap. Thanks to Lino Gonzales and 90east for putting it together for me. Met up with Ferbert later on to go to the Christmas Tree lighting down town in the common. Winter is officailly here
The following night we went to Lee Hopkins photo show / O.L.P. edit premier over at the shop. It went off without a hitch and we all had a great time. After the show, Matt Busby and I went to the bar where we noticed a chick that looks exactly like south shore legend Dan Webster. It was so gross. But, I had to party with it.
The weathers getting crappyier here in Boston. It goes from 65 one day to 22 the next. Kert Petersel just got here but leaving on Tuesday for Florida. Got some photos of him from this past weekend...looks like your going to have to wait to see them!
-party management

OrangeLineProject #7 (Fall Edit) from Lee Hopkins on Vimeo.

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