Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunex Show Room

Merry Christmas you little bastards and Happy Holidays to the rest of you. Here are some photos that our French Distro SUNEX sent us of all there Bone Deth goodies. The looks good all together doesn't it? Go to SUNEX for any of your Bone Deth needs in France. In other Bone Deth news, Albie Bennett is up for a couple of days from Baltimore to hang with the family and friends and to pedal around a bit. Kert Petersel is still lagging away with Colt Fake in the Florida heat. In business news, we've been doing a lot of work here at the Bone Yard. Whether it being stacking up clips or designing new products, we've definately been on our toes. Big shits in the future... Check back soon, becasue we are going to start to put some photos up from the Montreal trip that we did back in October that Buddy Bleckely shot.
-Party Management

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