Thursday, December 1, 2011

london leisure

london leisures done. got lost a bunch of times in london
still killed it. lost and killed it. saw motörhead, so good. lemmys still on it. had a sick night to a day of getting back from hastings, went the wrong way with the train. damn waff ill, thats on you hah. oh yea, got to hang with waffle, his nuts. stonerama lagorama, its all gooood. easy sleazy, great guy. wild foxes on our doorsteps, wild creatures attract others. met with bomber too, who decided to kill himself the first hour out of the box into the box. into the bliss, after that hung around for a few days. got into willie trouble mr. bean was in town one night, he even sneaked on the plane back with us. uk was sick. forgetting everything here, but it still something - kert

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