Wednesday, December 28, 2011

beat yur heart out

its hot finally, so riding heaps santa bought me a kick in the nads and a screwed up louie knee but life is good
working hard on alot of art i have enough to keep me busy for atleast a year(no exaggeration) so sweet beans
heres a shitty pic of me on my home ramps in Fairfield Dunedin,the ramps are like riding dirt road bumpy and shitty but theres one sweet spot and new bikes are light so you can pump on a broken dog . this summer im going higher than i ever have more pics to come,this is just the start point i love to fly,also a shitty look back attempt and an old pic of me 360 outa the bloodpit when i was 17,keepin it raw shitty and fun filming and havin a time,nacho burbons and ill reciepts of pain more to come and more bonedeth arthole crazies commin,stay tooned goonies!


1 comment:

  1. Contact me dude via my blog,I've been to FF a couple times,No 1 ever rides there..... The ol blood bucket pic is the shits!!