Monday, November 14, 2011

WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT !! - Montreal round 2 and Halloween

Sorry I havent done one of these in a bit. Shit's expensive! Anyways, About a month ago, we made our second Bone Deth trip to Montreal. This time, Sean Burns, Albie Bennett, Chris Crawford and myself made the voyage. With special guest Matt Busby, Aaron Smith and Buddy Bleckley we combined for a jolly bunch. BOOBIES! We met up with our tour guides, Pierre Gauthier and Mike Fiz, who showed us alot of differant stuff then we saw the last time we were there. Thanks guys! Things were ridden, things were drank and buddy sucked on some tits. BOOBIES!
Two weeks ago we celebrated Halloween. Halloween is kinda special in Boston. Everyone goes all out, people get weird and chicks get loose. However, this year was differant. Karter and Cullen came up from Jersey. But whenever Cullen comes up, he brings the shit weather. In this case it was snow. Yup, it snowed in October. It sucked, but it went away within a day or two.
In some other news, Bone Deth co-owner Shajn "Ferbert" Raines hert his ankle and foot real bad, when he snapped his cranks in half jumping a roof drop gap. It was spooky to say the least.
Well thats it boys and girls. See you later.
-party management

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