Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The second batch of Bone Deth products just arrived to Sparky's down in Florida from Taiwan. With this being said, all your local BMX shops and mail orders will be getting the stuff in the next couple of weeks. Frames, bars, pegs, shirts and maybe even seats will be there. Get wet for them! Mike from Sparky's sent over this photo to throw up on the site! Thanks Ron, Mike and everyone else at Sparky's Distribution !! Click on the link and scroll through there site for anything you might need for you rig!

In other Bone Deth news, Kert Petersel finally got back from his U.K. trip where he ripped with Bone Deth distro rider Waff Ill and U.K party legend Ben "BOMBER" Shears. However, Krt won't be in Estonia long, he leaves for America in a week. He'll be staying in Boston, Florida and California for a total of 3 months. Fuck yes. Estonian crunchies.

Alex Liiv's "All Man All Glam BMX Jam" trail jam is this Saturday. Make sure you go if you are in the area. Get leisured out fuckers.

A lot of stuff is being done lately. Product stuff, product testing, ads, commercials and more weird hawt chick stuff. Expect some new video stuff real soon. Va Va Va Va Vibratorrrrrrrrr.

-party management

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