Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colt Fake and the Furious

So Colt entered some tv show contest thing to become a pro race car driver or something. This is what the site says its all about... "This isn’t a reality show full of spoiled housewives, bronzed idiots or overgrown cupcakes. It’s a world of intense competition, challenges, irreverent personalities & humor. It might have been founded by Ford, but it’s ruled by four action sports superstars: Ken Block, Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust and Vaughn Gittin Jr. They’ve got street cred you can only dream of, but they’re giving you a shot to experience it".
So with that said, Colt made it on!! He's on Metal Mellitia's Brian Deegans team. go to the site and vote for this fucker. Imagine Colt driving a race car...Im goingt o leave it at that. GO HERE TO VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! OCTANE ACADEMY
-Party Management

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