Monday, November 28, 2011

Alex Liiv's Jam / Tables and Fables / Abdul and Jake Frost

-Few random bullshit for your viewing pleasure.-
-Alex Liiv's "ALL MAN ALL GLAM" BMX Jam was rained out on Saturday, but was rescheduled for this up coming Saturday, December 3rd, Go and get bent.
-Tony Long, a huge supporter of Bone Deth and employee of DICK MAUL'S BIKE SHOP (best bike shop ever), just through up a edit for his blog TABLES AND FABLES . Alot of good local footage in this one.
-Abdul Fofanuh and Jake Frost of 90EAST have some fucking good clips in this edit with Steve O. Abdul kills everything.
-Should be getting a shipment of goodies this time this week. pumped.
-its 65 degrees out and its the end of November. Life rules for now.
-party management

Tables and Fables- Fall Edit from Tables and Fables on Vimeo.

Steve-o Abdul And Jake from Lawrence M. Rhodes JR on Vimeo.

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