Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT !!! "Coka Coka CaBOTa..stuck in Irene"

Last weekend Ablie Bennett, Ryan Lemont and a dog name Marv decided to drive up from Baltimore to hang with Burns, Stricker and myself. Hurrican Irene decided to come up too. A long weekend of shit weather kept us indoors and in full on party mode. The "Sad Sack of Shit" crew (my new project) was in full effect. Stricker and I managed to lose our minds,and i got lost in a differant world in the middle of a hurricane. BIG DADDY Kenny lost some kids all over a chick in my room, and Abdul hung out in a huge armpit. Crazy crazy weekend. Weird Weird weekend. Stricker left last week, and Burns is leaving for a ECLAT trip today to the Northwest. Chris Crawford just moved into the Yard the other day with his chick Claire. Weathers getting cooler here, but still humid as fuck. The new riding phoots should be up within a week. LATEEEE
-party management

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