Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey! As you can see the new Bone Deth site is finally up. You can check out all the riders, hard goods, soft goods, media and online store! This shit is legit. All of the guys have busted there asses to get this shit going. From setting up shoots with the chicks, emailing back and fourth and just going out and giving it all. From the bosses, and myself, we would like to thank the riders Albie Bennett, Chris Crawford, Lee Hopkins (filmed and shot photos), Kert Petersel, Jamie Mauri (who filmed and shot photos), Colt Fake, Waff Ill, Arnaud Malthieu for all the shit they've done and for being patient. But this whole website wouldnt of happened if it wasnt for Alex Liiv and Jay Wilson. They've put in so much time and stress to make this shit happened. You guys really are the best..... and HAWT TOO!
So check out the site, scroll around! The rider bios are up, but the riding photos and media will be up in a day or two. Thank you! Enjoy!
-party management

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