Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT : "Weekdays with Webster?"

The weather lately has been crap. HAWT days, rainy evenings and cooler nights. It feels like Florida. But none the less, the BONE DETH crew has been making do. Local Boston / South Shore MA legend...DAN WEBSTER has been killing it as of late. Riding, crashing, smoking and drinking...this guy does it all! Lee "HAWT GUY" Hopkins has been on a tear as well, filming for a few differant projects...both on the bike and on the camera. He's Hawt. Our buddy Dave Cee was in town from Australia. Hes travelign across the U.S. to hit all all the dirt jumps in the land..sorry to disapoint Dave! Aaron Smith was also in town for the weekend and managed to film at every spot we went to. Pumped on that guy. Also real pumped that Big Red is infact alive and back with us. Rumor was that he was shot and killed by police.. truth is that he was in jail for hijacking a golf cart. Love that dude. That somes in up for last week. Check back on Friday, for another "WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT", covering my little brothers SAD SACK 21st birthday and Josh Stricker!
-party Management

webster edit from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

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