Friday, August 5, 2011

WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT : Montreal is so Fucking Rad

So last weekend, we set up a mini Bone Deth trip to Montreal. Jamie Mauri, Jay Wilson, Sean Burns, Matt Busby and myself packed into Busby's Prius and made the 5 hour voyage to Canada. The whole ride up, poured rain up into we got into Vermont. We made a pit stop at the world famous "Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory". We got crossed the boarder and got into Montreal. We didnt realizethat the last weekend in July was Montreals biggest party / celebration of the year, so all the hostels and hotels were booked in the city...even the ones an hour outside the city were booked. We finally set up camp in a "Home Depot" parking lot, Busby and myself in his car and the rest in a shed pre-built outside.
I awoke the next mourning parked outside the most famous spot in Montreal, "The Big O" or "The Pill". Ive grown up watching this spot in videos and seeing photos of it. It lived up to my hype. It was by far the funnest / best thing ive ever ridden. We crusied around the rest of Olympic Stadium for a couple of hours. That whole area is stacked, i suggest you check it out. We then hopped into the car and made our way down town. We got breakfest and started to cruise. I was so pumped. Spots literally on ever corner, and every chick was beautiful. Literally every chick was hawwwt. There were also parades and parties everywhere! It was really heaven on earth. We wrapped up the day by watching Burns and Jay running train on a rail hop. It was amazing. After watching that we headed to a friend of a friends house to relax.....had a buisness meeting with Stone Phillips and hit the hay.
The next mourning we woke up to Busby giggling in his underwear. Busby went out that night while we were comatosed and got himself in a fingertrap. Summer of Busby. We cruised around more of the city and ended up back at the Stadium, where we left a water bottle by accident and made an indian cry. He wasnt inuit. We met up with Fiz and his crew and pedaled some more. Burns rolled his ankle at church and we decided to pack it up. Jamie met up with Stone Phillips again and we left Montreal.
This trip was the best Ive ever been on....and we didnt even go to a strip club. Definatly something I will reme,ber for ever. Thanks Busby and the locals for making this happen! For more photos check out them out here

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