Thursday, August 11, 2011


Interbike is only a month away.. If your in Vegas and come by the sparkys booth you'll get to see a sneak of some new bone crunchies weve been working on. Colt Fakes new bone deth signature frame the "colt 45" will be on display as well with some new hardgoods.
And for all you seat freaks... the spider and leopard seats should be
available in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Australian weirdo's... and bone deth mates
Jamie Mauri and Jay Wilson just left boston after a 3 month stay in the states. Ratt Wigum... aka Jay wilson will be spending the rest of the month with Alex Liiv in Sydney.. and Bean back home to heaven in perth. Chomp! Chris Crawford is moving from jersey up to the bone yard in boston in a few weeks.. to live a better life. KertPetersel has been injured off an on in Encino Land Estonia.. hopefully kert will be making a trip soon to the states or to OZ. stay cool, you'll be cool- burns
photos: jamie mauri

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