Monday, July 25, 2011

WEEKdays With Management : got THROWED out of Rhode Island

So last weekend, I packed up the girl, Jay Wilson and Jamie Mauri and brought them to my friend Steph's birthday party at some crap club in Rhode Island called "THROWED". WILD SCENE.......but not really. We got THROWED out of there because my friend Jon lit up a smoke in the place. But while we were there, we realized since Providence is only 45 minutes from Boston..we should THROWED ourselves down there sometime. So Sunday, we THROWED ourselves in the car, including Lee Hopkins and Burns and we made the drive to Rhode Island. We stopped in Pawtucket R.I. first to check out my friend Vic's shop "Circuit BMX" ( The place is rad, so if you are ever in the area you should THROWED yourself in to take a look. After hanging out there for a bit, we cruised around the area...finding a a cool curved wall setup. Burns THROWED himself at it and got a line there for an upcoming osiris commercial.
We THROWED ourselves in the car, and carried on our journey to Providence. Providence is a real cool city with a lot of shit in it. Burns won my "Managements Shredder of the Day Sundays" award by filming a bunch of real good crap...including a banger that i havent seen anyone do since Wide Awake Nightmare. We then bought some dog goodies and made ourselves at home on Thayer Street where Lee and Jamie got there coffee bean on. Later that week, Wilson and Jamie THROWED themselves down two different rails switch!. Its getting hawt as fuck here.... Check back next week for photos of my family vacation to the zoo and the science museum and the fairwell bash to the greatest mattress (a girl who sleeps with 3 bmxers or more) of all time. LATTEEEEE

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