Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekdays With Management : The 4th was 2HIP

Its fucking hawt as fuck here in the Boston. Not just hawt, but muggy and sticky as well. This last weekend we celebrated America's birthday in America's home town, Plymouth Mass. Chris Crawford and his Jersey buddies Cullen and Karter came up to party with us. But before we went down to Plymouth, we partied with Team Shralp's and Bone Deth filmer Dean Dickenson, bmx legend Ron Wilkerson and the rest of the 2HIP show crew. It was a blast!
The next day, we said goodbye to Dean and the boys, and we packed up the boys and took a drive to Plymouth where we got real bent out of shape and shot fire works. It was a real good time. We even got mom and dad management to throw a little bbq and swim lessons in the management pool. Thank you too all the dudesfor making the weekend a fucking ripper. Ill have more photos of the weekend real soon up here once lisa simpson uploads them.
-party management

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