Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekdays with Management : "YEA BABE! GET A FOOTJOB! CHILLI DOG!!"

Last week, Team Shralp's, Dean "Burrito" Dickenson flew from Portland, Oregon to start filming for the next video. Dean took up the job as filmer for the next Bone Deth video. Dean got chilli dogged at the famous "C-Bowl", one of oldest skated pools in the country. It was a challenge to ride do to a huge puddle in the bottom, but Dean killed it (the pool photo was shot by photographer Buddy Bleckily). He also filmed a bunch of hot moves of Jay Wilson, Kyle Painter and Colt Fake (who also left for home this mourning). New photos, bios, product page, product commercials all within a couple of weeks. Check Back!
-Party Management

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