Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rumor has it that Allston local, BONE DETH body guard, Tom "BIG RED" Wright has died. This news comes straight from the discusting mouth of Wheel Chair Steve, another Bone Deth bum party guy. YEEEEEAAASSSSS. Howeverrrr, other rumors have popped up that Red was locked up after stealing a golf car and leading the Boston Police on a high speed chase. Who knows, maybe Yung So Sim finally came back for her big red lover. Only time will tell.Keep me posted if any of you freaks out there have seen him. Anywho,these photos are from last week, or maybe even the week before (i have so many cameras to develop).... This week Sean Burns, Jamie Mauri, Jay Wilson and friend Kyle Painter went to visit Jeff Allen in New York and long time Bone Deth ripper ALBIE BENNETT in Baltimore. Ferbert, Lee and myself stayed home to do some work and do some riding around here. Expect pictures of Crawford and Karters return to Boston in the next roll of film. Until the next time.... Cheers...and good luck Red, where ever your little hood maybe.
-Party Management

1 min w/ Big Red from Lee Hopkins on Vimeo.

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