Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekdays With Management : the gangs all here

In the past 2 weeks, there have been a lot people coming in and out of the Boston and staying at the house. Our bone buddy, Brian Histand (Tempered Bikes) dropped by for a weekend, to film for Crawford's video ROTTEN. When he left, The Albions, Steve Bancroft came to shoot and interview Burns for the next issue. Burns ended up fracturing his scalfoid, and is in a cast for a week or two. Along with Steve, Darryl Tocco and the Bad Timing crew came through for the week to film for there video. Finishing up the week, came Chris Crawford and the New Jersey dudes along with Boston's own Albie Bennett. So, all the dudes have the new bikes, and so far so good. Pick yours up. Enjoy it. Take it for a cruise. Check next week for some new goodies, because Jay Wilson and Jamie Mauri just landed from Australia for 90 dayssss.

-party management

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