Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekdays With Management : The Bitch is Back.

Busy times of late. It finally stopped raining here in Boston. 10 long days of crap weather. Finally, the girl came home from Spain and I've been smashing. It's cool. Along with her coming home, there's been alot of other faces rolling through. Jay Wilson and Jamie Mauri are here from Australia for 90 days. Colt Fake, and Kyle Painter from Florida are also here for a few weeks to suck the dick,and yesterday Bone Deth filmer (and the hawtest man), Dean "Burrito" Dickinson is here to chili dog and start the next Bone Deth video. Weathers are getting nicer and the dudes are killing it. check next week for some photos of the dudes doing there thing! Oh, and check out Lee Hopkins blog to check out some photos from last Tuesdays Bone Deth Demo at Dick Mauls Bike Shop! Tou can also see photos on there website and on Tony Long's blog. (
-Party Management

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