Thursday, May 19, 2011

Albie Bennett's bike

heres a look at Albie Bennett's new slay pig.
Frame: Bone Deth 'Liiving Dead' 20.6 tt
Bars: Bone Deth 'Deadman bars'
Stem: Solid Bikes
Cable: Eclat
Lever: Eclat swift lever
Brakes: Eclat
Rims: Eclat bondi 48's
Hubs: we the people 48's
Seat: Bone Deth 'vibrator' - prototype
Seat post: Bone Deth postman
Grips: ODI
Tires: Animal ASM
Chain: Shadow
Pedals: Eclat surge alloy pedals
Sprocket: Bone Deth 'Speedfreak'
Forks: Odyssey dirt forks
Cranks: Odyssey 41 thermal
photos: Lee Hopkins

1 comment:

  1. that prototype seat is sick, i love the shape i used my moms old leopard shirt to make a seat cover on my seat, cant wait until it comes out