Monday, April 11, 2011

Dick Mauls HAWT GUY Shop

I first heard of Dick Mauls Bike Shop in 7th grade. A kid named Gums was a wearing a t-shirt that said Dick Mauls Bike Shop. I actually thought it was a joke becasue the name was so awesome. I later learned that it was actually a 15 minute car ride from my house. I had my dad drive me down there, and as soon I walked in I was amazed. Anything you needed for your bike, was right there..and if it wasn't, then Dick or John would order it for you. It's still the same after all these years. The faces might hace changed over the years, but the kindness and all around awesomeness hasn't. i'm glad that myself (and the rest of the Bone Deth family) have been part of the Mauls Bike Shop family. Check out the commercial,GO TO THE SHOP, and check there site . Thanks Dick, John and Tony for all the help and love over the years. --Party Management

DMBS Commercial from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

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