Monday, March 28, 2011


Colt Fake is busy dude. Between killing it for Bone Deth, and building ramps in Guatemala, Colt has picked up a new hobby..... BEING THE NEW FRONT MAN FOR 80'S METAL LEGENDS IRON MAIDEN!!!. Thats right Colt has just signed a huge multi million dollar contract with the band that has preduced such hits as "Run to the Hills","Number of the Beast", "the trooper", "hallow be thy name", "can i play with madness", "fear of the dark", "holy smoke" and "the wicker man". Here's what he had to say "some of you may be goin to see iron maidens last show in tampa in april, but i was jsut lead singer in a guatamula iron maiden cover band becuase they didnt have an english singer... it was soooo fun". You can check him out only in Guatemala for a the short time being..... and you can also check him out on the newest Bone Deth poster, featuring a hawwwwwwt stacked broad on the other side. Pick some of the posters up in the next couple of months at the Bone Yard or any of your local shops that carry Sparkys Distro products. -Party Management

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