Friday, March 11, 2011

Colt Fake goes to Guatemala

Colt Fake's dad runs a skatepark in orlando area... and him and his dad are going to Guatemala at the end of this month to help put together and skatepark and Colt will be riding the park for the kids..
Heres a video explaining it a little bit. ITs for a ministries.. which is quite entertaining to see someone involved with BANNED doing something for anything backed up by religious purposes. reallly weird! but also rad for Colt.
also check out this link to a video the guatemalas made of colt it looks like a spanish infomercial! SOZO SKATE

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  1. We are excited to have Colt and the group from Florida come and help us. We deal with kids who really have nothing so we are trying to build a safe place for them to skate and bike. Colt and his group will help us raise awareness about the need to have a skatepark in Guatemala and also help us build some ramps. Thanks Colt, Ezekiel and Barachel Bike and Skate.

    SoZo Skate