Thursday, November 4, 2010

WeekDays With Management -- Jay and Jamie's Last week

Well, I'm a little late with these...oh well. But, two weeks ago Jay Wilson and Jamie Mauri left the good ol U S of A after staying with us here in Boston for two months. Those two months were wild and I (along with the rest of the Bone Dethers) will be missing them terribley until they return next year. Howwever, not but a couple fo days after Jamie departed, Estonia Bone Deth rider KERT PETERSIL arrived. So here are the pictures i took from that week and a couple i found on the internet from Halloween. Enjoy Them. Also enjoy The second edition of "WILD WEEKENDS" created by Taffy, and the ANTHEM promo, both featured below.
love you all,
Party Management
p.s. You guys are fuckin HAWWT

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